OLICOBROKERS exports olive oil in bulk in all its qualities (EXTRA VIRGIN, VIRGIN, OLIVE OIL, POMACE) from Greece and mainly from the famous regions of Crete and Messinia with a view to promote the Greek olive oil abroad and gain a sustainable position in foreign markets.

Every day we receive a variety of olive oil samples of all the qualities from various Greek traders and oil millers which are being tasted for flavor and aromas by our team of experts.

After the tasting procedure we carefully select the best olive oil samples and send them to our customers all over the world in order to choose the quality they prefer the most.

All the samples are also being tested with all the necessary chemical analysis from the most well known and fully equipped Greek laboratories with which we have a very successful cooperation.

We guarantee to our clients the premium quality of the olive oil that is being exported with all the certificates that prove its premium quality.

The olive oil in bulk can be exported:

- in tanktracks

- in flexitanks

- in barrels



OLICOBROKERS in cooperation with the most modern and well-organized co packers in Crete and Messinia exports bottled Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil under its own brands.

We have created a prestige line of 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Olive of premium quality bottled in various packings.

Apart from its own brands OLICOBROKERS has the possibility to bottle Greek olive oil on behalf of a customer under private labels. We will be in response for the selection of the olive oil that our customer intends to bottle and we will supervise the bottling procedure in our co packer's factory until the shipment of the merchandise which will be accompanied with all the necessary qualifications and certificates.

The olive oil can be bottled in :

- glass bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml και 1lt

- plastic bottles of 500ml, 1lt,3lt και 5lt.

- tins of 500ml,1lt, 3lt και 5lt.